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After discovering this way to save money on flea and tick medication,
I wanted to help other dog and cat owners save money protecting their pets from flea and tick infestation!
So I set up this website to make Flea and Tick control available to everyone!

Terri's Story:
I have two Standard Poodles and a Toy Poodle. It was getting very expensive to keep all 3 of them and 9 Standard Poodle puppies in
Frontline. I found a way to do it so cheap I decided to offer these
Fiproguard Max Kits so everyone could afford it.

Remember that if you have a flea infestation that it not only takes FLEA MEDS
on your pet, but it also takes treating your yard, house and all
animals to get rid of all fleas.

I used Bayer Yard treatment for my yard, Sevin Dust (you can purchase it at Home Depot or Lowes) for the inside of my house (carpets and
dog bedding)and sprayed my house with Bayer bug killer.

Fleas are not easy to get rid of and can lay dormant for a very long time! One flea can lay up to 100 eggs so an infestation can come on very
quickly and get out of control before you even know what hit you.

FIPROGUARD  MAX can keep the fleas under control if used every month, all year, even in the winter months. People think they can go
without it in the winter months and you can, but then when it warms up they find they are infested with fleas when the eggs begin hatching

I experienced a terrible infestation in the spring four years ago and it took me three months (treating my Yard, house and all of my animals
to get rid of the fleas. It was a NIGHTMARE!

Now I use
FIPROGUARD MAX all year I will never go without it again,not even when it is freezing outside. I have not seen a flea in almost four
years now and with the kit it is cheap enough to use all year and not have to worry about getting infested with fleas. It is well worth $22.00 to
not have to fight a flea infestation.

It cost less with this kit to keep your animals treated all year than it costs for 6 months from most of the stores I've been to. If you've ever had
a bad flea problem, then you KNOW It is worth almost any amount of money to be rid of them!

You will be happier with peace of mind that your pets are safe and your pets will love you for caring about them!

Thank you from cheapfrontlineplus.com

We do not sell or ship this item to California OR New York.