You're frustrated. You've bought your pet's flea medications, but your pet still has fleas! It's possible your flea
preventative didn't work for the following reasons:

Pet's Skin is Too Dry or Scaly
•        Adding a fatty acid supplement with Omega 3 helps improve your pet's skin health by restoring its softness
and flexibility.
•        Healthy skin helps flea medication easily spread throughout the skin and increases effectiveness.

Flea Preventative Wasn't Applied to Pet's Skin
•        Do not put the flea preventative on your pet's coat hair because this does not allow the medication to work   
through the skin.
•        Make sure you apply the medication to the skin on your pet's neck in between the shoulder blades.

Pet's Shampoo Washes Away Flea Preventative
•        After applying flea preventative you should wait at least 24 hours before bathing your pet.
•        Use a shampoo that is formulated for your pet's skin pH and does not wash away flea preventatives.

All Pets in the House Were Not Treated with Flea Preventatives
•        Fleas will undoubtedly attack all animals in the house.
•        Use a pesticide to immediately kill fleas.
•        Choose a flea preventative with insect growth regulators to inhibit flea offspring from maturing.

Home and Yard Were Not Treated
•        Wash all pet bedding and blankets.
•        Vacuum all flooring.
•        Use a fogger, spray, or powder to treat furniture, carpet, and hard to reach areas inside the home.
•        Use a yard spray to treat outdoor areas.