Frontline Plus;
Frequently Asked Questions

FRONTLINE® Brand Products Frequently Asked Questions:

FRONTLINE Plus - the Vet's #1 choice for flea and tick control.

Q: Who should use Frontline products?
A: Dog and cat owners who want the most complete flea and tick control available.

Q: Who manufactures this product?
A: Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Control, made by the Merial Co.

Q: How is this Frontline Plus medication different from what my Vet sells?
A: This is exactly the same medications you can buy at your veterinarian's office. Just for a whole lot less money.

Q: Is it different than what I purchase from my vet?
A: First, it is exactly the same Frontline Plus formula that your vet’s office is selling to you.

Q: Do I need a prescription to purchase this medication?
A: No, a prescription is not needed to buy this.

Q: How safe is it to use Frontline Plus on my pets?
A: FRONTLINE Plus is ideal for use on puppies and kittens 8 weeks of age or older.

Q: Does the Frontline you sell have an expiration date?
A: No, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved Frontline formula made for sale in the US does not expire. Only imported or counterfeit
Frontline has an expiration date on it.

Q: How effective is Frontline Plus?
A: Not only does FRONTLINE Plus kill 98–100% of adult fleas on your pet within 24 hours, it also contains a special ingredient that kills flea eggs and
larvae to keep ALL stages of fleas from developing and bothering your pet and your family.
FRONTLINE Plus completely breaks the flea life cycle by effectively stopping the development of new fleas. And, FRONTLINE Plus kills all stages of 4
major ticks including the one which may carry Lyme disease.

Q: How long of a period is Frontline Plus actively protecting my pet?
A: It is effective for up to six weeks killing fleas. If flea reinfestation is possible, treat once monthly.

FRONTLINE® Brand Products provide long-lasting, effective control of fleas and ticks on your cat and dog as well as in your home:
•         Kills 98–100% of existing fleas in less than 24 hours
•         Continues killing fleas for an entire month or more
•         Remains waterproof for 30 days, even if your dog or cat swims or is bathed
•         Gentle enough for use on puppies and kittens 8 weeks of age or older

Q: How quickly do FRONTLINE Brand Products kill parasites?
A: Research data shows FRONTLINE Brand Products will kill fleas within 18 hours of contact with your treated pet. / Ticks will die within 48 hours of
contact with your treated pet.

Q: How does FRONTLINE Plus spread over a pet's body? How long does this take?
A: FRONTLINE Plus spreads over the pet's body by a process called translocation. When applied, these products are gradually dispersed by the pet's
natural oils, collecting in the oil glands in the skin. It is then "wicked" onto the hair over the next 30 days. The translocation process can take up to 24
hours to complete.

Q: Do fleas and ticks have to bite my pet for FRONTLINE Brand Products to work?
A: Fleas and ticks do not have to bite your pet for FRONTLINE Brand Products to work. FRONTLINE Brand Products kill fleas and ticks if they simply
come into contact with your pet's hair coat. The fleas will die within 18 hours of contact with your treated pet, and ticks will die within 48 hours.

Q: Why am I seeing more fleas on my pet after applying a FRONTLINE Brand Product?
A: After the application of FRONTLINE, you may see more fleas, but this is an indication that the FRONTLINE Plus is working. FRONTLINE Brand
Products make fleas hyperexcited, drawing them to the top of the haircoat before dying. This will make them more visible to you.

Q: I treated my pet with a FRONTLINE Brand Product, but I still see fleas in my home. Why?
A: The fleas you see are most likely hatched flea eggs that were deposited in the environment before you began using FRONTLINE Brand Products.
Consecutive monthly applications of a FRONTLINE Brand Product to your pet will assist with the elimination of an indoor flea life cycle. In some
geographical regions in the United States, it may be required to use the product year-round.

Q: How do FRONTLINE Brand Products kill fleas before they can lay eggs on my pet?
A: Once new adult fleas jump on your pet, they must be present on the host for at least 24 to 36 hours before they can lay eggs. Our research data
indicates that FRONTLINE Brand Products, when used monthly, will kill your pet's fleas within 18 hours of application - before they can lay eggs.

Q: How long after application can my pet be bathed or go swimming?
A: FRONTLINE Brand Products remain effective for 30 days, even if a pet swims or is bathed. After application, keep the dog or cat from getting wet
until the application area appears dry, usually 24 hours. If a FRONTLINE Brand Product is to be applied after a bath, make sure the pet is completely
dry before application.

Q: Can I use FRONTLINE Brand Products if my pet is on medication?
A: FRONTLINE Brand Products are not systemically active and have no known adverse interactions with systemic medications.

Q: Can I use FRONTLINE Brand Products if I have already applied another flea- and tick-control product?
A: There are no known interactions between FRONTLINE Brand Products and any other flea- and tick-control products.
However, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours between applications.

Q: Do the FRONTLINE Brand Products have any additional label claims?
A: Effective May 2003, FRONTLINE Plus was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be used on pregnant, lactating and breeding
dogs and cats. FRONTLINE Spray is not approved to be used on pregnant, lactating and breeding dogs and cats. In addition, FRONTLINE
Brand Products are now approved for the rapid elimination of chewing lice infestations on dogs and cats and as an aid in control of sarcoptic mange
infestations on dogs.

Also, any FRONTLINE Brand Product may be applied to dogs and cats as young as 8 weeks of age and older.

Q: Can FRONTLINE Brand Products be used on pets other than dogs and cats?
A: No. FRONTLINE Brand Products are intended for use on dogs and cats only. It is not recommended for use on other species.

Q; Can FRONTLINE Brand Products be reapplied before the 30-day treatment interval is up?
A: Research results show that FRONTLINE Brand Products control fleas and ticks for a full month so reapplication is unnecessary within 30 days.

Q: Are there any side effects when using FRONTLINE?
A: Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur after using any pesticide product. Since FRONTLINE Brand Products are topical some pets may
experience temporary irritation at the site of product application. If signs persist, or become more severe within a few days of application, consult your
veterinarian immediately.

Q: How old does my pet have to be to apply FRONTLINE Brand Products?
A: All FRONTLINE Brand Products may be applied to dogs and cats as young as 8 weeks of age

FRONTLINE Brand Products have helped millions of pets around the world be free of fleas and ticks.


How FRONTLINE® Brand Products Work -
From the very first application, FRONTLINE kills 98–100% of existing fleas in less than 24 hours and continues to provide fast-acting, long-lasting flea
and tick control.

Fipronil, the active ingredient in all FRONTLINE Brand Products, is stored under your pet's skin, in the oil glands, so FRONTLINE continuously
reapplies to the skin and hair through the hair follicles making it waterproof.

FRONTLINE will remain waterproof and won’t rinse off – even through your cat’s self-grooming or your dog’s monthly bath or swim. In fact,
FRONTLINE doesn't stop working for an entire month, giving your pet non-stop flea and tick control.
FRONTLINE breaks the flea cycle.

FRONTLINE starts killing fleas and ticks as soon as they come into contact with your dog or cat. FRONTLINE Plus also keeps future fleas from biting
by killing flea eggs and larvae before they mature.

FRONTLINE breaks the tick cycle.

FRONTLINE in action

Simply apply FRONTLINE Plus between your pet's shoulders and the active ingredient, fipronil, dissolves into the natural oils of the skin and coat.
From there, it quickly spreads over your pet's entire body to provide long-lasting, waterproof flea and tick control that keeps working for an entire month.

Application Instructions are included in each treatment kit.
Please be sure to read the instructions carefully before applying FRONTLINE Plus to your pet.

The Vet's #1 Choice against Fleas and Ticks - Dog, cat, puppy or kitten, it's easy to see why FRONTLINE® Brand Products are the #1 choice of
veterinarians to control fleas and ticks on your pet.

Sometimes, pet owners think that their animal couldn't possibly have fleas or ticks. The reality is that every pet, dog or cat, is at risk for fleas and ticks.

Even indoor cats are at risk for getting fleas, especially if cats share a household with dogs. Cats are constant groomers, so fleas are not always as
obvious as they are on a dog.

Because it is waterproof, FRONTLINE is ideal for dogs and cats providing ongoing protection, even if your pet is caught in the rain or has a bath.